Ref: A001

Size: 50x50cm

Height: 45cm

Pattern: HIPS© Arlequin

TableTop Finish: Glossy

Structure Finish: Industrial Steel

Usage: Indoors

Flamboyant and radiant, this multicoloured theme showcases bright gaudy imprints creating a thunder of colours on a white neutral backdrop. Randomly-placed, these vivid and colourful textures make a way for lively and exciting memories while adding on an appearance of full interest.


By purchasing a DIOTIS coffee-table you contribute directly to stopping plastic pollution entering our eco-system. This 100x100cm panel is the equivalent of recycling 7,500 plastic bags and re-using them to create a new kind of look; a unique one, a different one. 

This material is not like anything you have seen before, you will be among the first to be part of this bright adventure. That's why we pride ourselves on the high quality manufacturing and assembly standards. We check each product by hand and inspect the entire table for any imperfections. Meanwhile, please bear in mind that these panels will be completely unique and no two panels are the same.

€ 295